Curriculum Vitae


Uffe Christiansen

RTU Link and Action for Excellence International, Europe

Casa Danica Center

Hareskovvej 19

DK-4400 Kalundborg

Tel. +45 5956 4700, Fax +45 5956 4756

Mobile +45 40 11 59 56






        Skilled worker.

        Ethnographer, University of Copenhagen.

        Various courses in Psychology and Management in Denmark and abroad.

        Train/Trainer courses.

        Service/management course Disney World, USA.

        Instructor Action for Excellence in Teambuilding.


Current positions:

        Consultant and owner of the company RTU Link.

        Senior partner Action for Excellence International.

        International teambuilding trainer and consultant.


Working fields:

        Private companies and organisations.

        Public companies and organisation, including; Municipal Administration, the Public Education Sector,
   the National Job Centre and the regional labour market councils, the Social and Health sector.

        Development of programs concerning organisations, competence and training.

        Development and applying for financing/funding of projects and training programs.

        Adapting management roles to changing organisation conditions.

        Business trainings: Learning strategies, training designs and presentation techniques, quality-consciousness

         and personal quality, communication and teambuilding.



        Teacher in the Public School System.

        Fourteen years of experience as a manager.

        Twelve years of experience as a trainer/instructor.

        Project manager/course manager.

        Manager of the AMU Centre in Kalundborg, Denmark..

        Consultant and AEI trainer for various companies: specifically working with teambuilding on all organisational

         levels of companies interested in flattening the organisation, working in teams or dealing with multi-cultural and

         merging issues.