Curriculum Vitae


Ineke Valente Dunselman

Kervaros u. 1

Buda II/a

1028 Budapest



Dutch and Italian



    Proficiency in English - Cambridge University, England.

    Interpreter and Translator, English, French, Italian - Rome, Italy.

    Professional Training in Communication and Human Relations in USA, Canada, Europe.

    Ericksonian Hypnotherapist - Holland.

    NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Advanced Business Trainer, Holland, England - USA.

    Psychologist MA - USA.


Current positions:

    Action for Excellence International/Europe partner and senior trainer.

    International communication and teambuilding trainer and consultant.

    Advanced NLP business trainer and consultant.



Working fields:

    Business trainings for management, sales and train the trainer seminars.

    Action for Excellence Teambuilding trainer for all organisational levels. (Team dynamics, stages of team development, team communication, values, goals, roles procedures for planning, problemsolving, meeting skills, performance evaluation, coaching skills, dealing with resistance etc.).

    Communication Trainings, independent trainer of Gordon Training International. (Leader Effectiveness Training,     Personal and Professional Development, Teachers, Parents, Youth, Women, Health Care).

    Neuro Linguistic Programming training and consulting for business.

    Counseling and consulting for personal and professional development.



    Four years as teacher of English as a second language of secondary school students and adults.

    Sixteen years as international trainer and consultant with international training networks: Gordon Training
International (GTI) USA/Europe; Action for Excellence International/Europe (AEI). Specifically working with
teambuilding and communication on all organisational levels of companies interested in flattening the
organisation, working in teams, or dealing with multi-cultural and merging issues.

    Trainer and supervisor of communication and teambuilding trainers.

    Ten years as counselor and therapist.


Multi-cultural experiences:

    Residencies in Germany, France and Greece

    Giving trainings and consulting in Belgium, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the

     Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Sweden and Switzerland.

    Working with multi-cultural groups.

    Working in the following languages: Dutch, Italian, English, French and German, with understanding of Danish.